Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bubble love

Every time I leave Seoul, a part of me stays behind.

Yes, I was there again! It was a bit sad to leave; this time around I travelled for work solo, and apart from a really close shave (wrong transport arrangement, hotel mix up) and samaritans in the shape of the amazing Indonesian media team, I got to really see Seoul on my own, by foot, and more than ever I felt like this world is really quite secluding - you've got to know the rules of the game, so to speak, in order to really be part of this glittering, glamorous world.

Eaaarly in the morning, looks so beautiful isn't it? Of course, only at the Shilla. (disclaimer: I didn't have this but it was definitely an eye candy for a very early start to the day!)
I am back...
... and so was the misnomer! -_-
at the Library Lounge in The Shilla.
Near Myeongdong I think... roads here are just so massive, and buildings so intimidatingly tall.

I managed to explore two new sites this time around: Apgujeong and Garuso-gil, both famously chic in the area of Gangnam-gul.

Garuso-Gil - a place where you have to see in daylight and night time. It's got a life of its own! And did I mention the sightings of really gorgeous couples here? I can sit here forever just people-watching.
And room service for dinner!
Vegan bibimbap and steamed veggies - thanks for meeting my special requests so flawlessly, The Shilla!
Aaand a selfie before I left yesterday - why not eh? :P

Saturday, June 07, 2014

What wat

This is SO LATE - literally from April (I know this because the company trip poster is still plastered around my office), but still, the experience of seeing Angkor Wat in person is still something to show for and to strike off the bucket list. So here it is, and then some (Jem and the Hologram wannabes as we played dress-up for the annual company dinner).

Bye bye Malaysia!
First, it was the quieter and smaller Bayon, before the real deal:

Haha the most hilarious moment ever! totally improvised, and totally photobombed.
err, my first #ootd? must confess, it gets addictive. :P
Narrow staircases to more rubbles.
the scarlet-bricked road to Angkor Wat - Angkor Thom South Gate. The deities on the right line the road, while on the opposite side are asuras, the demons.
Gorgeous sun setting as we walked through the main entrance to Angkor Wat.
Beautiful sunset.

Good thing we stayed near Angkor Wat and the city, so we went gadding about the town on the next day. I noticed the poverty and also at the very same time, the little glamorous hubs that cater to the foreigners. All good, but there is no denying that the country is in dire need of extra help. It was just sad seeing kids running after us for our leftover food; it was just infuriating to see people buying off vendors with a stall that is infested with flies; it was just mind-blowing, eye-opening. Anyway, at least there will always be a silver lining in the clouds. Like this :)

And then night came! :DD
Can you guess? :D Powerpuff!!
Me and the Minion N hahaha.
Super Mario!
She was Veronica from Archie. Can you tell? Haha!

Last day before we got going, we hung at The Glasshouse Park Hyatt Siem Reap.
Photobombed by KFC. this was indeed a trip of photobombs!
Real people do work. HAAHAA.

Talk about Carbon emissions and Obama

Bought an umbrella, some dried figs (super worth it but I just had to lose it somewhere through the day -_-) and lots of snacks for the folks back home at Shibuya. 
Konichiwa! Greetings from Tokyo - another post about my recent trip (was there from Monday to Wednesday of just this week, but am already feeling the time warp effect) again, and as always, there was the impeccable manners and the friendliest faces; there were new sights, past favourite sites revisited (was in Shibuya before for Shu Uemura), and of course, star sighting.  

After a little bit of shopping in the day right after touching down, it was time to get to work:

Truth be told, I had no complaints at all. 
Yep, it's Amanda Seyfried for Cle de Peau. SUPER friendly and so down to earth. I know I sound very cliched, but there is really no other way to put it. SHE IS SO NICE.
Night view from Ritz Carlton - lovely service, spacious rooms, deep in the hub of Tokyo Midtown, and a crepuscular creature of its very own, with windows that looked out to an amazing bird's eye view of the city.

Day 2
Amanda after our interview - she was so nice to agree to pictures and autographs and video messages! Plus...
A selfie! DIE.

Next up, after work, it was off to Nezu Museum, which was situated somewhere in Aoyama. I have to make a special mention about this amazingly tranquil, sophisticated and beautiful world away from the grittier bits that make up Tokyo. 

We even had a chance to experience the Japanese traditional tea ceremony amidst the gardens.
A very young tea master. I want what he's having to stay that young if he really is over his thirties.
Playing pretend. hehe.

Doing Shinjuku, Blythe style! Haha, well this was actually a special collaboration between Isetan Shinjuku and Bottega Veneta as well as Blythe, so we saw the eerie looking dolls peppering the entire fashion floor of the shopping mall. 

And on my way back to the hotel, a view from the taxi of some Meiji museums in Aoyama.