Wednesday, April 16, 2014

see-through summer

Picture from Style BUBBLE. Loving the see-through tops.

Picture from Song of Style. LOVE the crocheted top and ethnic skirt combination.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Making Hay as the Sun shines

Maybe because i send out so much love to the universe about Korea, but I came back from my trip to an assignment that would send me back to Seoul! With pleasure. :D

Flew over on the red eye, and checked in early morning with bleary eyes. But there was no time to slob around. We were at The Shilla, after all. 

 2nd April 2014:

A striking installation in the grand hall by Bahk Seong-Hi.
Locks of Love.
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Cherry blossoms came early this year. We were feeling lucky!
At the bottom of namsan.
Before the ascent.

3rd April 2014:
 Getting down to work!
Ticked this off my bucket list - TAETISeo!
More actress action.
Absolutely loved this dance in the air. A performance that brought a smile of innocence.
And I am off again, homeward bound... Love you, Korea! Be back soon! x

Hallyu Wave

12th March 2014:

Excuse my sleepy fat face. 
For curious readers, we flew Peach to Seoul from Osaka, and I loved how the small, comfy flight was simple and straightforward. Loved the seats too, we were given so much! the cute air hostess even strapped my sister's bag to the seat when we couldn't put it in the overhead compartment. haha. gotta love Japanese manners.


First stop? Myeongdong, of course. did you even need to ask? :P

Best tea ever, this brand is actually under Amore Pacific, the giant beauty brand that spawned Laneige and Sulwhasoo, amongst many, many others. The green tea leaves are harvested in Jeju,  and concoctions are seasonal, mostly limited editions. I absolutely love the mixes, and made it a point to seek them out. :D
We called it a night.

13th March 2014:

Checking out Ewha Girls' Uni area for more shopping adventures.
At this restaurant called Chef's Noodle. 

ANDDDD... after much searching and enquiring after eodiyo girls (hahha it was printed on a t-shirt spotted by my sister), we found this sanctuary! Cafe Noriter:
Poor DR!
Whyyy oh whyyy can't we have more cafes like that here? 
Wanna play? :)

14th March 2014: With a heavy heart, we walked around the vicinity of our hotel, not daring to step out too far for fear of missing the bus to the airport. Myeongdong pretty much became our second home. We saw this changing of the guards at this small fortress. Can you believe it has been here since the ancient times?

We went to Insadong too, which turned out to be right behind our hotel. I love Insadong because it is so quaint and quiet, compared to the other shopping areas. We were stalled on the way to the airport because of a major road block. Still not sure what happened but everything just came to a standstill, including the pedestrians. So yeah, we literally ran for our flight. Not cool, but man, maybe we were meant to stay back?

Castle in the Sky

11th March 2014:

We made it to Osaka, but we were so tempted to just stay in the city centre (translation - Shinsaibashi) to shop till we dropped. But! One must do something, SOMETHING, when in Osaka. AND so off to the Osaka Castle we went. At least, to pose with in some pictures and then leave, no? Good idea...

Nah. Closer. By the way, the park that leads to the Castle is absolutely stunning. A pity though that it was cold and cherry blossoms have yet to have sprung.

How cute are the Japanese kids!?
If you could, imagine this cherry blossom street filled with flowers in their full splendour.
A view of the castle...
AND the skies on the flip side.
The way down.
Okay! Time to get down to business.

Chaos is an understatement to describe Shinsaibashi. Glad to be back again!
Sensory overload.
Anyway. We tried to stay to see the Jogging Man light up, but it never happened. to be fair, maybe it did, but both of us were just too knackered. 

Next day... 12th March 2014

This bag of loots came with us en route to Seoul...